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About Us

USPPA Certified Instructor: Foot and Wheel Launch

Paramotor Orlando is founded and managed by Jonathan Carr. Jonathan began his journey in aviation as a licensed skydiver at the age of 18. He went on to receive his Bachelors and Masters Degree at the University of Central Florida. While completing his Masters, Carr apprenticed and then instructed with Eric Dufour at the Paramotor Academy for several years. Paramotor Orlando works in alliance with the Paramotor Academy serving as a centralized location to help serve the greater Orlando community.  Eric and Jonathan work in partnership to provide quality training for all students interested in becoming an aviator. 

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Offering comprehensive, individualized training programs for aspiring foot launch and trike pilots. Our school prioritizes safety and efficiency when training all of our students. Allowing complete training to take place within a 10 day curriculum, providing a guaranteed minimum of 25+ flights before graduating as a USPPA certified powered paragliding pilot.

PPG Training program includes:

Introductory Tandem Flight

Grand Handling: Fundamentals of kiting, High Wind Deflation Techniques, Directional control

Theory: Basic Meteorology/ Aerodynamics/ Air space/ Motor Maintenance

Towing: Get the opportunity to take off and land without the motor on your back

Simulator: Simulated flight/ Take Off & Landing Patterns/ Body Position/ Flight Overview

Power walks: Gain control of motor and throttle control

25+ Flights guaranteed 

Complete equipment provided! 

Refresher Courses:

We also offer day rates for pilots needing refreshers or a few days to get started: $300 per day

Private courses include:

Precision landing

High wind flying

Foot drags

Advance kiting

Trike transition


  • USPPA Certified Foot launch Instructor

  • USPPA Certified Wheel Launch Instructor 

  • Masters of Science: Conservation Biology & Business 

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